Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dream recall

Ok so this first step is so easy and completely essential for astral projection and dream control.

It's simply what it says it is, recalling your dreams. How many dreams do you remember having a night? How many dreams can you remember from last night? This should give a good indication of how aware you are as you sleep. The goal here is to recall and note down as many dreams a night as possible, using a simply but strict method.

1) Keep a diary. This doesn't mean you have to go out and buy one, just scraps of paper held together with a paperclip is fine, you just need to keep a record. And not on your computer or phone, it has to be on paper, more why later.

2) Keep it by your bed with a pen in arms reach. If possible, have a phone or torch handy or plug in a lamp nearby ready.

3) As soon as you wake up, whether it's morning or middle of the night, make the absolute first thing you do is write down any dreams you can remember. I mean before getting out of bed, literally within 20 seconds of being awake. Those first few seconds are vital as there's plenty of stuff you'll remember that will disappear almost immediately. Some people call it the dream veil but it's not really as mystical as it sounds.

4) Note down everything - emotions, colours, people, numbers, temperature - anything significant.

5) Note down something. If you can't remember ANYTHING at all just note down any emotions, any mood, any slight vibe of a person that you get. If you really can't recall anything hold the pen to the paper anyway, so that you're forming a pattern of remembering dreams.

6) Store it away back in the same place. Maybe write it up neater or fill in some gaps, or if you want a safer record type it up on your computer. The reason I said don't do this before is because it's urgent that you pen down all of your memories immediately, you don't have time to boot a computer. But neatening it up later is obviouosly fine.

After a week or two you'll be remembering more and more dreams each night, infact your memory will become so strong you'll start to recall 10-15 a night even without even noting them down. You're basically training your mind to be more aware while you sleep, rather than just trashing the memories of dreams that were previously obsolete. Don't be surprised if you start to experience very real, detailed and intense dreams, or even slip into a lucid (aware) dream which you have full control of.

This step might seem odd and a bit too easy but trust me, it will help you out tenfold if you get into a habit of doing this. So yeah, come back here in 3 weeks or so and tell me how it goes, anything interesting you've discovered, any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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