Saturday, 3 September 2011

Excerpts from my astral journals

From 2007 to today I have kept a journal of astral experiences, aswell as a journal of all of my dreams including lucid dreams. For the next few posts I'm going to show you some excerpts from this that felt important to me that may be useful to you. Just to give an idea here is the first entry I ever made.

"25/03/2007, 17:38
I very nearly just astral projected. I lay in my bed naked and told myself that I would do it, and asked my spirit guide for help. I lay on my back completely still. I started to feel lots of vibrations, first in my head and then my entire body, vibrating as one unit. After two minutes of stillness I get a strong urge to move, which makes my body tingle. After a short while (about five minutes) I went into a more dreamy state and could will myself to feel like I was flying around. Every now and then I feel like I'm leaving my body, but came back every time. Was eventually disturbed by the phone. Am now very tired. Feel...odd."

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