Saturday, 28 May 2011

Am I Dreaming: Numbers Method

Just a quick post here travellers. Every now and then I'll post a different method of testing whether or not you're dreaming, a lot of the type you can get a hint that you are dreaming but brush it off quickly due to your dream logic not being consistant with logic of waking reality.

This is the simplest method, and one I've had best results with - look for a set of numbers. On a piece of paper, on a credit card, on a bank statement, serial code, license plate, whatever. Look at it really fast, then look away. The look back again. If you're in a dream, chances are the digits will be different. That's because of your dream logic, and the fact that only the right (creative) side of your brain is active. The left side (which deals with numbers, stats, figures, details, facts, measurements etc.) is fast asleep. Only the right side of your brain is active during dreams...that's why you can dream something bizarre and not question the reality of it. In waking reality, numbers and codes are important, they represent measurements, time etc. but in dream logic, they're useless. They're merely representing a measurement but the figures themselves are meaningless, the right side of your brain simply can't make sense of them.

So, quickly look at that license plate. See that M024RTY turns to M3662ZKL in an instant as you look away and look again. A clear sign that your waking logic is not existant, and that you're in your dream world. Get exploring!

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